Group Fitness

Group Fitness be like…

I got into group fitness because I absolutely love working out with friends.  It’s a million times better on that 100th burpee to mouth to your friend ‘what the F’ than to simply THINK it.


This is why I love Orangetheory.  Don’t get me wrong, I love love love being a spin instructor and I believe that all group fitness has the possibility of building confidence and make you the better version of you.  But Orangetheory has such a variety of ability levels all working hard at the same workout.  It’s made for the person who wants to talk endlessly about their workout.  I love that teams of friends to go together and high five like they are winning Olympic gold.  And the group experience transcends that time in the studio.  My group texts the workout everyday in a group text.  There are Reddit threads dedicated to the workout.

But this summer and now fall I’ve been training for NY marathon in addition increasing my class load at Cyclebar.  This has mean more running and more running… ALONE…  And not hitting my usual Friday AM Orangetheory class.  The running joke at Cyclebar is that I have a group for everything I do.  But sadly, my running group is tapering and I’m still one month from my race.  And my Orangetheory group (Hello my Bundt Cakes!) is going to workouts without me while I focus on my teaching and running.   It’s throwing a a motivational challenge at me.

But I feel blessed I have my classes at Cyclebar to give me that group experience for these last few weeks before my race.  Then my friends… I’m coming for you!

Carb Stuff

Random carb stuff

Random Carb Stuff… RCS?  I do love a 3 letter acronym for no reason.  This is where I’ll talk about my carb obsessions over last few weeks.

I’ve been out from the blog scene because I’ve been traveling for work to Asia.  When I returned, I was informed that Starbucks is discontinuing the Cool Lime Refresher.  This on the tail (read: 1 year later) of discontinuing Mango Black Iced Tea.  The guy at my local Starbucks was like- we still offer Very Berry Hibiscus.  Listen, I was okay-ish when they offered the Peach Citrus White Tea for Mango Black Iced Tea but don’t at me with Very Berry Hibiscus.  He went on to explain how NO ONE orders it…  okay sir, riddle me why the packets are $13 on eBay and up to $35 on Amazon?  So much like my stalking of the Mango syrup, I have found and purchased a year’s stock of Cool Lime Refresher packets.  Yep, I’m THAT person.  #carbsforlife


In super positive news- I discovered Starbucks Reserve in Seoul and their menu is not limited.  I ordered the mango black tea frozen lemonade.  Reunited and it felt so good.

Another obsession right now are Lindor truffles.  For reasons unknown, I’ve been purchasing Lindor truffles each time I go through Vancouver Duty Free.  Turns out I’m a total genius because you can no longer order Strawberries and Cream truffles online through Lindt.  Not even in a mix!  So get on that, they are bomb.

Any carb obsessions I should know about?  I did 90 burpees today during Yoga Sculpt so I’m good for a try….


Abs are made in the kitchen…

You hear this a lot.  Abs are made in the kitchen.  Well you know what else is made in the kitchen?  Cinnamon rolls.  When I started in the fitness realm, I was surrounded by people who enjoyed food and did it for the carbs.  But as I’ve moved around, I felt more pressure to adhere to some standard of diet- like if I wasn’t ‘eating clean’, I wasn’t really meant to be in fitness.  After a workout, I’d go grab a pressed juice but I’d worry that someone would see me also getting that delicious peach crumb muffin from Whole Foods (you know the one that greases through the bag before you get to the register and then greases like 40 napkins before you eat it).   I have been blessed to have a pretty good relationship with food most of my life so why was THIS the thing to shift that?


In college, I was the one that people felt okay eating with- because I didn’t talk about calories, I just ate and I enjoyed it.  It was the days of super skinny models, long straight hair, diet coke drinking and chain smoking.  And here I was- curly haired and eating without a care.   But the story behind that is actually much more complex.  I had just developed Crohn’s disease and had almost no handle on it so when I could eat and not be in pain, it was an amazing day.  So turns out, it’s complex for everyone no matter what is showing on the surface.

It wasn’t until I took my daughter to her 5 year check-up that it all clicked together for me.  She’s going through a phase where she will literally eat only hot dogs and hard boiled eggs for her protein.  Girl loves herself some veggies- she’ll down a fennel bulb like an apple and I have to buy like 3 huge broccoli stems just so she gets her “expected” amount.  But she thinks most protein is gross.  When I expressed my concern her doctor said- so what?  Her point was that making a deal of the hot dogs creates a bigger problem because kids need to feel a healthy relationship with food and not feel stress over what they are eating.  **Mind Blown**

So I’m not on a cleanse, I don’t log calories or do cheat days.  Instead, I’m listening to my body.  And if my body says, drive through Dairy Queen and get a dip cone, then I turn that car around.  But seriously, I started the Beachbody 2B Mindset plan and it’s very close to where I want my brain to be- water first, veggies always and if you want to have something “bad”, do it, just don’t linger in it thus becoming a habit.  There are lots of other elements to the diet and plating if you are looking for weight loss.  But overall it’s a way of thinking about food that shines a positive light.  And we could all use a little sun.



But Why?

Three days ago I declared I was going to simplify my life.  I had three email accounts which had 5854, 976 and 606 emails in them respectively.  I cleared the first then went running.  So I was riding high on post run endorphins and the wave of my new found enlightenment when I made that declaration.  Seems logical to start a blog a few days later right?  Well that’s just me- doing the most, doing it okay then doing more.

Thug Life Meme

In 2015, I was coming off an extremely crazy work year.  At home I had a 2 year old and a husband making a career change.  I felt overwhelmed and lost.  So I decided I’d just say ‘yes’ to new experiences, to trying new things which really amounted to yes to every random workout on the map- I tried yoga sculpt, I tried spinning, I tried a fusion of yoga and interpretive dance, I even tried trapeze (omg).  Eventually that led me to a 200 hour yoga teacher certification and eventually teaching spinning.  Yes has brought me great joy, new people, new experiences, a new life.  Yesterday a coworker who hadn’t seen me in a year told me I had a new energy.

So here I am new energy, new goal to reduce my commitments and goal to document the process.  And along the way- workout hard, make bomb spinning playlists and eat the best the carbs the world has to offer.