Group Fitness

Group Fitness be like…

I got into group fitness because I absolutely love working out with friends.  It’s a million times better on that 100th burpee to mouth to your friend ‘what the F’ than to simply THINK it.


This is why I love Orangetheory.  Don’t get me wrong, I love love love being a spin instructor and I believe that all group fitness has the possibility of building confidence and make you the better version of you.  But Orangetheory has such a variety of ability levels all working hard at the same workout.  It’s made for the person who wants to talk endlessly about their workout.  I love that teams of friends to go together and high five like they are winning Olympic gold.  And the group experience transcends that time in the studio.  My group texts the workout everyday in a group text.  There are Reddit threads dedicated to the workout.

But this summer and now fall I’ve been training for NY marathon in addition increasing my class load at Cyclebar.  This has mean more running and more running… ALONE…  And not hitting my usual Friday AM Orangetheory class.  The running joke at Cyclebar is that I have a group for everything I do.  But sadly, my running group is tapering and I’m still one month from my race.  And my Orangetheory group (Hello my Bundt Cakes!) is going to workouts without me while I focus on my teaching and running.   It’s throwing a a motivational challenge at me.

But I feel blessed I have my classes at Cyclebar to give me that group experience for these last few weeks before my race.  Then my friends… I’m coming for you!