Carb Stuff

Random carb stuff

Random Carb Stuff… RCS?  I do love a 3 letter acronym for no reason.  This is where I’ll talk about my carb obsessions over last few weeks.

I’ve been out from the blog scene because I’ve been traveling for work to Asia.  When I returned, I was informed that Starbucks is discontinuing the Cool Lime Refresher.  This on the tail (read: 1 year later) of discontinuing Mango Black Iced Tea.  The guy at my local Starbucks was like- we still offer Very Berry Hibiscus.  Listen, I was okay-ish when they offered the Peach Citrus White Tea for Mango Black Iced Tea but don’t at me with Very Berry Hibiscus.  He went on to explain how NO ONE orders it…  okay sir, riddle me why the packets are $13 on eBay and up to $35 on Amazon?  So much like my stalking of the Mango syrup, I have found and purchased a year’s stock of Cool Lime Refresher packets.  Yep, I’m THAT person.  #carbsforlife


In super positive news- I discovered Starbucks Reserve in Seoul and their menu is not limited.  I ordered the mango black tea frozen lemonade.  Reunited and it felt so good.

Another obsession right now are Lindor truffles.  For reasons unknown, I’ve been purchasing Lindor truffles each time I go through Vancouver Duty Free.  Turns out I’m a total genius because you can no longer order Strawberries and Cream truffles online through Lindt.  Not even in a mix!  So get on that, they are bomb.

Any carb obsessions I should know about?  I did 90 burpees today during Yoga Sculpt so I’m good for a try….