But Why?

Three days ago I declared I was going to simplify my life.  I had three email accounts which had 5854, 976 and 606 emails in them respectively.  I cleared the first then went running.  So I was riding high on post run endorphins and the wave of my new found enlightenment when I made that declaration.  Seems logical to start a blog a few days later right?  Well that’s just me- doing the most, doing it okay then doing more.

Thug Life Meme

In 2015, I was coming off an extremely crazy work year.  At home I had a 2 year old and a husband making a career change.  I felt overwhelmed and lost.  So I decided I’d just say ‘yes’ to new experiences, to trying new things which really amounted to yes to every random workout on the map- I tried yoga sculpt, I tried spinning, I tried a fusion of yoga and interpretive dance, I even tried trapeze (omg).  Eventually that led me to a 200 hour yoga teacher certification and eventually teaching spinning.  Yes has brought me great joy, new people, new experiences, a new life.  Yesterday a coworker who hadn’t seen me in a year told me I had a new energy.

So here I am new energy, new goal to reduce my commitments and goal to document the process.  And along the way- workout hard, make bomb spinning playlists and eat the best the carbs the world has to offer.